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A refinance is the act of opening up a new mortgage which pays off you old mortgage. There are three reasons to refinance:

1. You want a lower rate. If rates have come down since when you purchased or when you last refinanced, a refi is a great way to get your monthly payments down.

2. You want to cash out. Have other debts you want to consolidate? Rolling credit card revolving payments into a lower fixed-rate mortgage may be the best option. Want to remodel? A cash out refinance can finance the costs with a low, fixed-rate secured loan.

3. You want to switch loan programs. Want to switch from an ARM to a fixed rate? Set the rate for the life of the loan. Want to switch to an ARM for short-term savings because you won’t be in the property long? No problem.

How do I know if I will qualify for a refinance?

Good question. You typically need at least some equity (3.5%) and be able to qualify for the payments just like when you purchased.

What does it cost to refinance?

We can set it up any way you want. Don’t want to pay closing costs upfront? Fine. Want to buy down the rate for an even lower rate? No problem.

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